South Dakota – Beadle and Spink Counties

BASEC’s (Beadle and Spink Enterprise Community)

Youth livestock loan program provides young people interested in agriculture with low interest loans to serve as educational tool and introduction to lending. Loans are used to purchase livestock that will generate income for the youth. Beef, swine and sheep are eligible animals through the program. The loan terms vary from three to five years.

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For more information about qualifications regarding BASEC’s youth livestock program, please contact the BASEC office at (605) 635-6165 or go online at

NOTE: Available for Youth in Beadle County and Spink County of South Dakota



This form is the first step in BASEC’s Youth Livestock application process. Our Youth Livestock program allows youth in BASEC’s district to make their initial investment in animal agriculture and become acquainted with the process of obtaining financing for such ventures.